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Aprenda inglês com o filme americano “The Switch” (Coincidências do Amor)

Aprenda inglês com o filme americano The SwitchDivirta-se e aprenda inglês ao mesmo tempo com filme americano!

O filme americano “The Switch” foi lançado em 2010, com uma boa história e ótima interpretação de Jennifer Aniston e Jason Bateman, entre outras estrelas do cinema.

Assista à cena, divirta-se, e deixe seu inglês ainda melhor!






Wally: Pardon me please, miss.

Kassie: You look great.

Wally: Look at you!

Kassie: Who took over dressing you?

Wally: Nobody. What are you talking about?

Kassie: I like it.

Wally: How is Sebastian? Where is he?

Kassie: He’s over there but, listen, if he is a little strange, it’s just he’s having some adjustment issues to the move, so… But he’s watching the fish.

Wally: I think he’s going to be just fine.

Guest: Matthew, come on, it’s time to go.

Sebastian: I think I have Cyclothymic Disorder. I looked right at the shark, and felt nothing.

Kassie: Honey, I don’t what that is, but I’m sure you don”t have it. Sweetie, this is uncle Wally. Say hi.

Sebastian: Hi.

Wally: Hi, Sebastian.

Sebastian: Cyclothymic Disorder: emotional ups and downs, hyperactivity, loss of interest and/or pleasure, lack of sexual drive.

Kassie: Okay. Was I not clear about WebMD? Sebastian, now, look. Wally has a gift for you. Let’s see what he got you!

Wally: Yes, I do. Take a look at this.

Kassie: So sweet, Wally. Very sweet. Oh, wow!

Sebastian: Where is the picture?

Wally: What picture?

Sebastian: The one that comes with the frame. It’s the most important part.


encarregar-se – take over
problemas de adaptação – adjustment issues
Eu não senti nada. – I felt nothing.
– sweetie
hiperatividade – hyperactivity
presente – gift
Dê uma olhada nisso. – Take a look at this.
porta-retrato – picture frame






Tamara Santana
Escrito por Tamara Santana

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