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Aprenda inglês com o filme americano “Double Jeopardy” (Risco Duplo)

Aprenda inglês com o filme americano Double JeopardyNunca foi tão divertido aprender inglês!

O filme americano Double Jeopardy, de 1999, com os astros Ashley Judd e Tommy Lee Jones, foi sucesso total de bilheteria e está aqui no blog para ajudar você a aprender inglês!

Assista à cena várias vezes, acompanhando a transcrição. Você também pode dar uma espiada no que está traduzido! Agora, que tal reproduzir essa cena com seus amigos? Será bem divertido!





Nick: She’s gone, I promise you.

Libby: You’re not very good at keeping promises, Nick.

Nick: You going to do something?

Travis: What are you talking to me for? She’s the one with the gun.

Nick: They’re tough in Louisiana, Libby. You shoot me, and they’ll give you the gas chamber.

Libby: No, they won’t. It’s called double jeopardy. I learned a few things in prison, Nick. I can shoot you in the middle of Mardi Gras, and they can’t touch me.

Travis: As an ex-law professor, I can assure you she is right.

Libby: Where’s my son?

Nick: In Saint Albans School, in Georgia, all right?. You have your son back; you got what you want.

Libby: I haven’t felt that good in six years. I don’t want to kill you, Nick. I just want you to suffer like I suffered.

Travis: What she means, Nick, is you’re going to prison. For murder.

Nick: Who did I supposedly murder?

Libby: Me.

Nick: All you’ve got is an old fax photo.

Travis: Which supplies the motive. Your wife, whom you had framed, tracks you down, and to keep her from exposing you, you kill her.

Nick: You won’t get away with it.

Recording: Nick - Well, I think I’ve solved that problem. Travis - What do you mean? Nick - Let’s just say the problem has been buried. Travis - Really? Nick - She’s gone, l promise you.

Travis: Taped confessions are very persuasive in court, Nick. And of course, there is the physical evidence that we are going to put in the trunk of your car.

Libby: A shovel, hair, my fingerprints, a little blood…

Travis: Huh…and don’t forget the gasoline.

Libby: It’ll look like you burned and buried me, just like you say on the tape.

Travis: The prosecution rests.



good at keeping promises – bom em cumprir promessas
They’re tough – Eles são duros
I can shoot you – Eu posso atirar em você
Mardi Gras – Carnaval
assure – garantir
back - de volta
like – como
What she means – O que ela quer dizer
murder – assassinato
supposedly – supostamente
buried – enterrado
in court – no tribunal
trunk – porta-malas
shovel –
prosecution – acusação





Tamara Santana
Escrito por Tamara Santana

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