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Conto da Tamara: “Make a Wish!” (Faça um Pedido!)

Conto da Tamara - Make a WishSeus desejos estão no Conto da Tamara!

Hello! Vamos a mais um texto para te distrair e ensinar inglês. Esse é curtinho…então, xô, preguiça!

Leia o texto, ouça o áudio,  e grave-se lendo em voz alta e depois ouça. Pode colar do vocabulário também, sem problema.

Bons estudos!


Make a Wish!

Everyone of us has desires, hopes and dreams. Let’s face it, life would be no fun at all without them. They make us move forward; wake up each day and get closer to whatever it is we wish to accomplish or possess. Dreams are nothing more, if we’re lucky,  than our yet-to-be reality.

Some would like to have a better job, some want more money, some are longing to find their soulmate…and there are people in a hospital bed just hoping to be on this planet for just a little longer. The thing is, we are driven by the things we want. It’s interesting to notice that, a lot of times, we think we want something, but we don’t, and vice-versa.

We have subconscious wants, too, and it takes a lot of getting to know ourselves to figure everything out, and come to peace with what is it we really want in life. But when you do, do not lose track of it. Pursue it with all your heart and soul, and when you least expect it, you’ll hear yourself say: “I made it!”. It’ll be the happiest day of your life. Just don’t be surprised if the following morning you find yourself trying to understand why it is you feel so uneasy. It’s probably all the 15 new wishes, flourishing deep inside your soul, waiting for you to realize your search for happiness isn’t over.

Make a Wish – parte 1
Make a Wish – parte 2


to move forward – ir em frente
to accomplish –
to possess –
– sonho
– ainda para vir a ser
to long -
desejar profundamente
to be driven by
– ser levado por
subconscious wants –
vontades subconscientes
to pursue
– buscar
– perceber
Make a Wish – Faça um pedido

Tamara Santana
Escrito por Tamara Santana

2 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    agosto 24, 2015

    very good. flourishing?

  2. Avatar
    agosto 24, 2015

    Thank you!
    To flourish means desabrochar.


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