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Conto da Tamara: “The Weirdest Dream” (O Sonho Mais Estranho)

Conto da Tamara - The Weirdest DreamVamos aprender mais inglês ainda com o Conto da Tamara!

No Conto de hoje, você vai ler e ouvir mais um texto para melhorar ainda mais seu inglês da melhor maneira: se divertindo!




The Weirdest Dream

I yelled. Then I screamed at the top of my lungs. Still, no one seemed to hear me. There were a lot of people around me, but I was invisible! Nobody saw me. It was so scary…

Then, all of a sudden, I was at my dad’s apartment. He was making pork chops for dinner. The smell was amazing… His then wife was watching TV in the living room. I said hello, and went to give him a kiss…but he couldn’t see me at all!

Next thing I knew, I was in my room. My bed was made, and my toys were neatly organized on the pink shelves that had been recently installed. “This is my room from when I was 5 years old!”, I thought. “But I’m 32!”.

Then I saw myself in class. It was high school, I believe. Professor Carlos was going wild about Neruda. Still, nobody talked to, or even looked at me. But listening to the professor made me feel so inspired! I have always loved poetry…

Then I was back in the dark streets. That gloomy feeling came back. I felt more and more scared, and really lonely… That’s when I heard you yelling how late we were. It was the weirdest dream I have ever had! Thank you for waking me. Really!



The Weirdest Dream



gritar o mais alto possível – to scream at the top of one’s lungs
Foi tão assustador – It was so scary…
de repente – all of a sudden
incrível – amazing
agradavelmente organizado – neatly organized
falar com – talk to
olhar para – look at
por me acordar – for waking me




Tamara Santana
Escrito por Tamara Santana

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  1. Avatar
    fevereiro 09, 2016

    Otima iniciativa, adorei, principalmente devido a disponibilização do audio. Agora vou estudar até mais..

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