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Conto da Tamara: “Once Upon a Time” (Era uma vez)

Conto da Tamara - Once Upon a TimeVamos aprender inglês e celebrar o Dia das Crianças com um Conto da Tamara infantil?

Leia o texto, ouça o áudio e acompanhe com o vocabulário traduzido, e boa volta à infân… ãh…digo… bom aprendizado!




Once Upon a Time

Nina Stewart, the tiny five-year-old girl with blue oversized pajamas said “Stay there, Teddy! Mama is going to read us a story!” Then she sat down in her little pink bed, opened the storybook she got for Christmas, and handed it to her mom, who started to read a story…

“Princess  Lily lived in a big  castle. She was very happy living with her mom and dad.One night, when everyone was asleep, an evil witch showed up at Lily’s window and took Lily with her on a big, black broom. They flew away to the witch’s house in the mountains. Lily was very scared, and begged the witch to take her back home, but the witch wouldn’t listen, and locked her up in a dark room . Many years went by, and the older Lily grew, the more chores she had to do for the witch. If she refused to work, she wasn’t allowed to eat anything. Lily’s parents looked for her for years, but finally gave up, hoping that if she were still alive, she would come to see them one day.

When Lily was 16 years old, 10 years after she was abducted, the witch got very, very sick, and told Lily to leave the castle to get some medicinal herbs for her. “But I never left the castle, how am I going to find them?” she said. “You have to do as I say,” said the witch. She told Lily what to do and when Lily was at the door, she heard the witch say: “Don’t even try to fool me, or I will find you and kill you!” Lily was finally out in the open, amazed at the amount of people, and the tall trees, and stores… She got the herbs and started heading back when she stopped and thought “This is my chance to escape… I have to take it. I’m all grown up! I can’t be afraid of Zelda anymore!” So she started asking everyone about her parents. After a few hours, she was so exhausted and hungry, that she couldn’t walk anymore. She ended up losing consciousness right there, in the middle of the street.

When she woke up, she was in a comfortable bed, and could smell the delicious tea that lay on a table next to the bed. She didn’t hesitate to drink it. That’s when a warm voice was heard: “Are you awake? Hello! We found you downtown and brought you to our home. Don’t be afraid. We just want to make sure you are ok.” So they fed her and she took a nice bath. When she felt better, she started to tell the nice lady her story. The lady listened quietly to everything, then burst into tears and hugged Lily so hard, she almost broke her ribs and kept saying “Thank you, God!”, “thank you!!!” Lily didn’t really understand anything at first, but after the lady calmed down, she said Lily was her best friend’s daughter that had disappeared years before. She told her how difficult it was for her parents to face each day without her, and how happy she would be to find out Lily was alive and well.

They headed to her parent’s castle and Lily couldn’t hold her tears, as she recognized it almost immediately. When her mom opened the door, she smiled with her eyes and the words were barely audible: “I knew you were coming back to me. Welcome back h0me, sweetie!” Lily and her mom kept touching each other’s faces to make sure that moment was really happening, then hugged  for a long time. When her dad saw her, he was overwhelmed with joy. Little Johnny came to the door and asked “Are you my big sister?” Lily replied “I believe I am!” They went inside and swore to never lose sight of one another ever again. As for the witch? Well, Lily never arrived with her medicine, so she got worse and died from her illness.” When Nina’s mom finished the story, she said “”Nina?! Nina! Did you even listen to the story? Tsc,tsc,tsc… I should be used to it by now. She always falls asleep before the story ends…”


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livro de histórias - storybook
dormindo - asleep
bruxa má - evil witch
vassoura - broom
muito assustado - very scared
implorar - to beg
tarefas de casa - chores
ser raptado - to be abducted
ervas medicinais - medicinal herbs
voltar - to head back
Essa é a minha chance de escapar - This is my chance to escape.
pai e mãe - parents
perder a consciência - to lose consciousness
começar a chorar - to burst into tears
filha - daughter
vivo e bem - alive and well
audível - audible
Eu sabia que você ia voltar para mim. - I  knew you were coming back to me.
sobrecarregado de felicidade - overwhelmed with joy
Eu acho que eu sou / estou - I believe I am.
Ela sempre cai no sono antes da história terminar. - She always falls asleep before the story ends.




Tamara Santana
Escrito por Tamara Santana

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