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Conto da Tamara: “Hurricane” (Furacão)

Conto da Tamara - HurricaneVamos aprender inglês com o Conto da Tamara!

Leia o texto do Conto da Tamara, ouça o áudio, aprenda inglês e divirta-se!


Everything was immersed in a huge gray cloud. You could hear the roar of leaves forced to run in circles on the empty streets. The ocean was menacing, with its monsters of water and foam in enormous waves. It was coming…

The town was ghost-like, as it had been evacuated hours before. It looked like a rainy Sunday, but way sadder and lonelier. The sky was getting darker by the minute. Part of the rooftop of a store was ripped out violently by the strong winds and was turning in the air like a mad clock announcing that the time was coming; that the hurricane was almost there.

Usually, on Sundays, the scenario was quite a different one. The city park would be filled with happy little kids with their hands holding what seemed like huge bags of popcorn. There were slides, swings and monkey bars, and kids running around, making those noises that only kids make. On the worn wooden benches, mothers talked among themselves while sipping on coffee and watching their kids play, with pride. In the field, dads played soccer and the Florida sun would be very generous and shine all day long…

The sun was hiding now, and the park was flooded with water from the rain. It was pouring at all angles. The giant was there, running tall, strong and unstoppable…it played with an old bag of popcorn and now it was ripping everything out; slides and swings were being thrown around just like a kid does with their toys when they are done playing. The benches ended up kilometers away as the winds reached 200 km/h. Houses, stores and cars were completely destroyed. This went on for several days until it was finally over.

Over the following year, the passing of the hurricane was all people talked about, until the subject died down. The city and surrounding areas affected received help from all over the country. More than 300 families lost their homes. Fortunately, no one was killed. There was another force now; a human force…to rebuild.

Ten years have passed since that dreadful day. The park is back…with the moms, dads, kids, popcorn and laughter.

Tiny nervous legs are walking to her mother. It’s a blond 2-year-old with something in her hands. She says, excited about her finding: “Mommy, what this?” “It’s just an old piece of wood, honey…just an old piece of wood.”


Hurricane.parte 1

Hurricane.parte 2


enorme nuvem cinza - huge gray cloud

forçado a correr - forced to run

muito mais triste e solitário - way sadder and lonelier

escorregadores, balanças e barras -  slides, swings and monkey bars

no campo - in the field

inundado - flooded

alcançou - reached

a passagem do hurricane - the passing of the hurricane

reconstruir - rebuild

dia terrível - dreadful day

um pedaço de madeira velho - an old piece of wood

Tamara Santana
Escrito por Tamara Santana

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  1. Avatar
    agosto 08, 2017

    Muito bom! Obrigado.

  2. Avatar
    agosto 09, 2017

    Great! You’re welcome! ;)

  3. Avatar
    agosto 22, 2017

    Very cool and easy to understand, thank you!

  4. Avatar
    agosto 24, 2017

    Great! You’re welcome! :D

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